Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Trip to Mexcio

Anyone that has traveled before knows that getting to the airport and checking in can be less than pleasant. Packing and getting there are the easy parts. Arranging for long term parking was easy, I have seen on my many trips to work  shuttles with the words PreFlight on them.We googled and found the number for PreFlight and decide to park Dads Tahoe with them. Next time I will book on line to save some money. We get to the airport and check our bags, easy. Go to get coffee and go through security. TSA, what can I say, the most unpleasant group of people you could ever hope to meet. My Drill Sargent had more of a personality than some of these folks. My Mother In Law will stop and talk to every person she takes a notion to. I saw her zone in on one of the TSA employees, this particular person had a scowl for everyone that passed him. I thought to myself, no Mom don't, but it was too late, the next thing I know this guy was smiling and laughing. I get it, you have a job that can be unpleasant, you see thousands of people and you are trying to keep us safe while we travel. Just remember that nobody begged you to take your job you chose to do it, so be a little nicer and when you get fed up remember my mother in law she will make you smile. : )